HOW IT WORKS for attorneys

Our team gets to work right away to find you the perfect job. We go over your credentials, source the best jobs that match your experience, and setup all the interviews. Our step by step process ensures that you'll get the best offer possible for the job you want.

Initial Phone Call

The better we know you the better we can serve you! Our initial conversation allows us to get a sense of how we can best be a resource to you and your job search.

Send Us Your Resume

In order for us to represent you, we need a copy of your resume, ideally in Word or PDF format. Don't worry, your resume will not be sent anywhere without your approval!

Identifying The Right Opportunity

Being in recruitment, we speak with candidates and clients every single day.  We proactively seek out opportunities on your behalf so that you aren't adding more work to your day.  Let us be your eyes and ears in the job market.

Resume and Biography Submission

We submit your resume along with a biography directly to decision makers.  The biography tells your story that a resume might not.  This is our opportunity to put you in the spotlight.

Interview Scheduling

Most interviews include multiple people so scheduling can be quite arduous. We work with everyone involved to find a date and time that works.

Fielding an Offer

Best case scenario you receive an offer!  We help you think through the offer and negotiate if needed. Changing employment is a big deal so we want to make sure you're completely satisfied.

Schedule a confidential introductory call

At Legacy Staffing Associates we value your privacy. We will never share your information unless given explicit permission.