Law Firms

Legacy Staffing Associates expedites the hiring process and ultimately finds the best match for your law firm.  Whether you operate a solo practice or manage a regional or national firm, Legacy Staffing Associates is eager to help. Your time is important and so are results, so let us help you construct the productive, engaged workforce that your firm needs to thrive.

Submit Job Details

We ask that you please provide us the job description via email or by phone so that we know how we can help!  The more details you can provide about your open position the better we can vet the right professionals for your organization.

Current Candidate Pipeline

We go through our pipeline to see if we have anyone who fits your need.  If so, we'll discuss the position with our candidates to gain interest.  If not, then we will exhaust every resource to find someone who does!

Resume Submission

An electronic resume is submitted once we have identified a candidate who we feel could add value to your business.  Each firm can be uniquely different, so your feedback is incredibly beneficial.  In addition to a resume we also provide a biography that tells the candidate's story that a resume might not.

Interview Scheduling

We coordinate with everyone's schedules to confirm a date and time that works best.  Your time is valuable so let us help facilitate the interview with your office staff.

Extending an Offer

If you are impressed with our candidate and would like to extend an offer, then we're happy to relay the good news and help coordinate next potential steps.

Schedule a confidential introductory call

At Legacy Staffing Associates we value your privacy. We will never share your information unless given explicit permission.